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Join the Street Team

What is a Street Team?

*hint: it's not $10 street hookers up on Hunts Point.

Who's qualified to be part of a street team?

Anyone who can show enthusiasm and passion is qualified - and we know that's you as you are reading this. If you have internet access and a pair of legs, you're in. Hell, you don't even need legs, man.

What will I have to do to be part of a street team?

Good question. You could be asked to participate in various activities/missions - all legal - (distributing stickers or posters/flyers at a show you're already planning to go to, hanging up posters, to more interesting things like marketing and strategy etc.). The more activities/missions you participate in, the more points you'll earn. These points can be traded in for prizes, chances to win tickets, chances to meet the band you're working for when we visit your town, and so on. Excited yet?!?

What do I have to tell people as a member of a street team?

Tell them Audio Fiction f****n' rock and we are the best thing you've heard—ever. But sometimes, there will be a specific piece of information that we'll want you to pass along (like the release of our record or an upcoming gig in your area) We'll usually be able to send you a sticker or poster/ flyer to help drive the point home. The more points you have, the better materials you'll receive (t-shirts, etc.). However, the most important thing you can do to help your favorite band Audio Fiction is to talk about them. Music is something that almost everyone can talk about. Find people who want to talk about the kind of music you love, and make sure they know about your favorite bands.

Do I need to pay to be a part of this?

No. But we will be very very upset... very upset.

Will I get to meet the band?

Naturally! The more activities/missions you participate in, the better your chances of having Mark, Charles or Dean springing for lunch. Kristin will make herself available on a more selective basis.

How do I get started?

To become an "Audiophile" just contact Mark at (remove the brackets) mark(@) with "street team" in the subject line. That's it! He'll get back to you.

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