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A few teasers from latest self-titled album


Way Out
I'm Alive
Wishful Thinking
Race the Hourglass
Kite High





New album now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby!
AUDIO FICTION: Audio Fiction
Audio Fiction on iTunes

The Album

Early advance reviews

Like "Garbage and No Doubt fell into a rusted blender from the ’80s. Their self-titled debut froths over with sunny, effortless melody tempered with biting, scandalous lyrics and an infectious attitude.....Double X chromosome swagger and Siouxsie peek-a-boos tag team the slick, and at times face-melting guitar, such as on the Hendrixian octave madness of standout “Kite High's” soaring licks". -

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"Audio Fiction’s self-titled Audio Fiction has the recipe for success...There are moments where the star quality of the album does shine through"

- Popwreckoning

"'Suffocate,' which is absolutely menacing!!! Kristin gives such a powerful performance while at times sounding vulnerable.....This band can be sweet times, but if you mess with them, they WILL throw a chair in your face. - Meet Now

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"This band has an attitude of NYC-sized proportions and that makes their able-to-dance-to pop punk music a winner."

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